Be a Trim-Tabber
for Peace, Truth, and Justice

Are you stuck in your political activism? Are you looking for new ways to inform, rally, and remedy about the true story of 9/11? How can there be accountability for the crimes of 9/11? Can a shift in consciousness bring a shift in your effectiveness?

Journalist Joyce Lynn speaks to political activists, journalists, politicians, and other concerned citizens about how to find or create your path to transform democracy and bring justice and peace to our troubled world.

Joyce shares her experience and the stories of others who have called on the wisdom within to enhance efficacy as a trim-tabber for positive social change.

Dreams guided Joyce’s pioneering reporting on the role of oil in 9/11 and revealed other truths unavailable in the mainstream media. She has profiled women whose dreams have guided their activism including Ellen Mariani and Cindy Sheehan.

Read her posts under Political Diary in Plum Dreams Diary and watch the Plum Dreams Media video Dream Veritas! From Tragedy to Transformation.

Contact to book a lecture or speaking engagement.

Now is the time for you to be the bearer of  fact-based information, creative action, and transformational policy.

“A journalist must travel through a story by examining all the connections and interconnections between events and characters in order to arrive at ‘Truth.’ Joyce Lynn, well aware of journalism’s traditions and heritage, takes this approach one level deeper. She states that for a journalist, a writer, or indeed, any individual to know truth, one must examine all the events and characters in the ‘seen’ world against the backdrop of one’s ‘unseen,’ i.e. dream world. And, only when all these connections are made can one realize ‘Truth.’ – Carol S., Journalist, Northern California

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