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"Joyce, my goal for your class was the outline for one chapter; instead, I received guidance for the entire book."
Carol D., California

"This is the first time in my life I have actually had a plan for myself (with short-term and long-term goals). I have preached it for years in business, but never planned my own life in that way. It's nice to have a plan for myself......and not what others had planned for me."
Leslie R., Nevada

Taken from the forthcoming book, Frankenbush.

How dreams reveal the truth behind the 2000 election and 9/11.


I am in the dining room of the house where I grew up. Darkness fills the house; I see something out of the corner of my eye.

I look out the window, and I see something hovering in mid-air outside the window. The window is located on the second floor, so it is far from the ground. I hear a scratching noise, the kind that sends shivers up my spine.

I realize whatever it is wants to come in the window. The scratching sounds like the noise a dog makes at a sliding glass door when it wants to come inside.

I move closer to the window and realize it is George W. Bush. He is greenish with demonic eyes and a pale face. He hovers there, scratching to enter. I am terrified and try to escape, but I feel I cannot escape.

He is finding a way to break in through the window.

I wake up.

AW, Fairfax, California
During 2000 presidential debates


For three successive nights, I simply dreamt Al Gore had won the election.

Then, on the fourth night, I dreamt of an old-fashioned black car. A woman with raven hair stood next to the gangster's car with her foot on the running board.

The identity of the woman in the dream eluded me until the first photos of Katherine Harris, who was to certify the election, appeared in the newspapers. Then, I recognized the woman next to the car: she was the gangster's mole.

DS, Mill Valley, California
October, 2000


A human rights advocate and newspaper columnist also had a nighttime revelation he wrote about in his column after the 9/11 attack on the United States:

"I woke up with worries around 4 a.m. You may have, too," he wrote. "A line came to me that felt like a gift from the Creator: "Truth is the way to peace,' it said."

DP, San Francisco, California, September 12, 2001


A smoky glass tumbler filled with thick, dark, sludge-like oil.

This disturbing dream image woke me with a depressing jolt the morning of September 17, Rosh Hashanah, the dawn of the Jewish New Year.

The bleakness this image prophesied for the coming year haunted me for days. I had an ominous sense of what awaited the world in the aftermath of the horrendous attack on the United States a week before.

The meaning of the glass for me as a journalist took shape several days later at a Media Alliance event in San Francisco. Farhad Azad, publisher of, spoke about the struggles for his native land--from power hungry czars to the war on terrorism. When he finished, the observer standing next to me whispered, "What about the pipeline?"

"What about what pipeline?" I asked.

"The one going through Afghanistan to the Caspian because going through Iran or Russia is out of the picture," he explained.

As he spoke, I wrote in my notebook "It's about oil." I drew a picture of the tumbler from my dream and put a box around the word "oil." At that moment, I knew the Bush Administration's so-called war on terrorism was about oil. That dream held the true story behind the rush to the massive U.S. military response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Joyce Lynn
September 17, 2001


On September 24, I met with a columnist for a local San Francisco newspaper. Sitting at an outdoor table at the Cigar Store, a café in San Francisco's North Beach, we discussed the falsities in the Bush administration's "official" story. We wondered why four planes were hijacked and an hour and twenty minutes passed without the U.S. military taking any defensive action. How could Commander in Chief G.W. Bush hang around in a second grade classroom in Sarasota, Florida, while planes are crashing into buildings and people are jumping out of windows?

How could a young pilot who failed tests flying a Cessna execute a 270 degree turn descending 7000 feet and strike the Pentagon? How did he manage to miss the side of the Pentagon where Department of Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was meeting and hit the side under construction where low level employees worked?

Why were so few executives killed in the World Trade Towers attack? How was it possible, we wondered, that the Bush Administration knew with such certain swiftness Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks but refused to release its "evidence." How did they so quickly seize the opportunity to wrangle unprecedented war powers from a pliant Congress?

We felt with certainty the Bush war on terrorism was a battle for Central Asian oil riches. The long list of Bush family and Administration appointees with ties to the oil and automobile industries reinforced our suspicions. We knew Bush wanted to crank up the U.S. military-industrial complex.

I remembered an eerily prophetic comment a participate in an on-line chat room made during the 2000 election: Within the first six months of his Administration, Bush 2 would precipitate a war just as his father did in the Gulf.

However, I admit I thought it preposterous the U.S.,the Bush Administration and/or the CIA,had foreknowledge of or involvement in the events of September 11. I would look into the oil connections and Bush family and associate financial dealings. I would, I thought to myself, sidestep the Complicity Connection and let the other investigator look into that.

In summary, he said, "There are dozens of other researchers working on 9/11. We will focus on our quarter of the pie." His remark jolted me because in August 2001, I had dreamt of a blackened quarter of a pie/tube/pipe, a classic coke can squashed, and the numerals 9 - 2- 4 in pink neon.

There it was: that quarter of the pie -- those issues directly related to that day of 9/11 about the planes and lack of military response, Bush's unexplainable behavior, and top officials' activities.

I think now the Coke can symbolized globalization, squashing U.S. exploits/exploitation around the world.

I believe 9/24, the day we met, was the beginning of a world wide network of researchers, journalists, activists, and others with San Francisco as one of its key hubs investigating 9/11. On that day, spurred on by these metaphysical clues and sickened by network and cable news reporters acting like war cheerleaders, we decided to investigate the true story behind the rush to execute the massive U.S. military response to 9/11.

Joyce Lynn, San Francisco, August, 2001


While in Toronto in May, 2004 for Phase 2 of the International 9/11 Citizens' Inquiry, I appeared on a University of Toronto radio program. Another guest was Ellen Mariani, whose husband, Neil, was on Flight 175, which crashed into Tower Two. During the program, I mentioned that dreams gave me inside tips about the real 9/11 story. During the break, Mariani, who was suing the Bushes, father and son, and top administration officials, told me a reoccurring dream she had in the two months before 9/11:

"I am in an auditorium and people are applauding me."

She told Neil about the dream, wondering aloud why she would find herself in such a situation since she sold health products. Little did she know at the time the significance of her precognitive dream.

Ellen is among the small percent of 9/11 families who refused $1.3 million from the families' compensation fund. She called the fund "hush money." Mariani's landmark case charged the Bush family with decades of manipulation of U.S. policy for their own power and profit. Mariani alleged the defendants let the attacks happen for one chilling reason: to profit personally and politically from the so-called International War on Terror.

She and her lawyer, Phil Berg, toured the U.S. and abroad talking about the case, garnering 700-plus crowds. Mariani told me she first remembered the dream when she was receiving a standing ovation from a large audience in a church in Kansas City.

Ellen Mariani, New York City
Summer, 2001


Activist Carol Brouillet emailed me this dream story on November 5, three days after the 2004 presidential "election." Brouillet is an originator of the Deception Dollar, which was created as a portal to information on 9/11 (

Gabriel had called me, and we were interrupted by a call from an elderly woman on the East Coast. She told Gabriel about a dream she had a couple of weeks ago.

In the dream, her mother visited her and said, "911 was an inside job." The woman had no idea what her mother meant.

Then, shortly after her dream, the woman saw a Deception Dollar at a John Kerry rally and wrote down some of the websites on the mock bill. The first website she visited was, activist Gabriel Day's website.

The main headline on the website said: "9/11 Was an Inside Job - Our Nation Is in Peril."

The woman broke down in tears. Then, she called Gabriel.

Taken from the from the forthcoming book Frankenbush.

The Booklet: FRANKENBUSH: Inside Sources Reveal How a Texas Cowboy and His Cabal Stole the White House and the World while You Were Shopping

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