Skeleton Remains of U.S. Found,
Once Vibrant Nation Murdered

The remnants of a body in an open grave. A shadowy figure feasts on the skull.

I awoke from this dream Sunday morning, March 21, trembling and fearful. In my journal, I wrote: This dream reports/foretells the dire consequences of the Obama/Democratic health insurance legislation the House is voting on today.

The misleadingly named legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148), which President Obama signed March 23, entrenches the corporate dominated health insurance industry — WellPoint/Anthem/Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, United Health — and the big pharmaceutical companies, possibly irrevocably, in the U.S. health system. (The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, PL 111-152, which Obama signed March 30, is a companion to PL 111-148.)

Negative Pattern

Another sell-out, another massive transfer of U.S. taxpayer dollars, this time under the guise of health insurance premiums, to these corporations exempt from anti-trust laws.

Congress, with the White House orchestrating, wrote the legislation with enough loopholes to drive a Hummer through. The failure of Obama and the Democrats to honestly fix the broken system will also jeopardize viable health insurance programs like the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and Medicare and derail hope of real reform.

But Obama and the Democrats cleverly used the Republican opposition and faux cries of socialism and communism as cover, while handing insurance and drug companies another key to the Treasury. This is “historic” legislation, not as the White House and media equate with “sweeping reform,” but because this massive over haul is a giant step toward fascism.


Fascism is business controlling/dominating government. Communism is its polar opposite — government controlling business. Socialism is state ownership of industry, of capital.

Dreams within the past five years graphically depict this rise of fascism. Even a few nocturnal narratives examined as a series show the breadth and depth of corporate dominance in the U.S.

* The Rising Tide of Fascism in a Bush U.S. with illegal wars of aggression benefiting corporate contractors and with repression of Constitutional rights at home.

* Shrieking at the Grim Face of Fascism preceded the collapse of the U.S. economy and bailout of the banking/financial industry.

* American Flag of Death, another dream with an image of a skeleton, depicting the violence and prevalence of the military-industrial complex.

When dreams with the same message reoccur, in this case depicting the faces of fascism, the universe is begging us to see the significance and act.

Dire Predictions

Last fall, I predicted, unfortunately correctly, the final health insurance legislation would mean once again the people will lose to the corporations.“  I anticipated the Democrats, even the Progressives, would cave and enact legislation without a public option, without a Medicare buy-in, without Medicare for Everyone.

Now, unfortunately, I proffer another prediction with dire consequences: Unless Congress enacts an immediate, substantial fix of the health insurance system, within five years the U.S. economy and democracy will resemble the dregs, bony remains in a shallow grave. (Remember, President Bill Clinton and unregulated market proponents tauted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as the savior of U.S. jobs.)

I shudder when even the liberal/progressive media spin the statute as “a first step,” “the best we can do,” “better than nothing.” When associates “hope my depressive” prophecy is wrong, I reply sadly, “It’s what’s so. Why deny it? Check your own inner guidance and wake-up, for goodness sake!”

The health insurance and drug companies now join with the banks, oil companies, military contractors, and manufacturing industry, feasting on the body politic, on the health of Americans and on U.S. democracy, laying bare the bones of the U.S. Treasury, the skeletal remains of the U.S.

©  Joyce Lynn 2010

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Skeleton Remains of U.S. Found,
Once Vibrant Nation Murdered”

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