DREAMS: A Trim-Tab Tool for the 21st Century

Dreams are the trim-tab tool for a 21st century transformation. Trim-tab is a nautical term referring to an action giving the best result for the least effort. Be a trim-tabber for your cause or issue or simply for democracy by listening to your dreams. Then, be prepared to hear fact-based information, instigate creative action,and develop positive public policy.

Listening to your dreams can jump-start your political activism. Listening to your dreams offers new ways to inform, rally, or remedy the push for planetary change. A shift in consciousness brings a shift in effectiveness. I know from personal experience and from the many trim-tabbers I have interviewed awareness of truth  gleaned from dreams leads to right action.

Whether you are a political activist, journalist, politician, or concerned citizen, dreams can help you find or create your path to transform society and bring justice and peace to our troubled world.

Here at PLUM DREAMS JOURNAL(PLUMDREAMS.COM), you can read the stories of those who have called on the wisdom within to enhance efficacy as a trim-tabber for positive social change. Read how dreams guided my pioneering reporting on the role of oil in 9/11 and revealed other truths unavailable in the mainstream media. Profiles of Nazi student resistance fight Sophie School, 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, and peace activist Cindy Sheehan, among many others, show the power of dreaming.

Also, read the posts under Political Diary and watch the Plum Dreams Media video DREAM VERITAS! From Tragedy to Transformation.


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“A journalist must travel through a story by examining all the connections and interconnections between events and characters in order to arrive at ‘Truth.’ Joyce Lynn, well aware of journalism’s traditions and heritage, takes this approach one level deeper. She states that for a journalist, a writer, or indeed, any individual to know truth, one must examine all the events and characters in the ‘seen’ world against the backdrop of one’s ‘unseen,’ i.e. dream world. And, only when all these connections are made can one realize ‘Truth.’ – Carol S., Journalist, Northern California

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