Julius Caesar dreamt of sleeping with his mother, signaling he would successfully conquer Rome, the mother city. The Biblical Pharaoh of Egypt in a dream saw seven fat and seven lean cows; Joseph’s interpretation of seven years of abundance and seven years of famine saved the nation from starvation and reunited Joseph with his family. President Johnson dreamt he was stuck in the middle of a big river, symbolizing the intractable war in Vietnam; the dream led Johnson to withdrawal from the 1968 presidential race. hoping  to shorten the war.

Dreams are our Inside Source (IS), the source of truth, every political journalist’s most valuable tool.

As dreams became a therapeutic modality or a New Age touchstone, their value as a transformational political tool vanished. We can revive the guiding, healing, truth-telling attributes of dreams and use them to achieve our social change goals.

Whatever your mission, your dreams can guide you and show you how to meld your personal talents and passions with guidance from your Inside Source to make a positive contribution.

Cut through government and corporate and media propaganda to achieve positive social and political change and connect with a community of others committed to truth, justice, and peace.

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