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DREAM ON! 4 Steps (RULE) to Action Agenda

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

When dreams became a therapeutic modality or a New Age touchstone, their value as a transformational tool vanished. We can revive the guiding, healing, truth-telling attributes of dreams and use these gems for personal and social change.

Your dreams offer ways to call upon your personal talents and passions for positive change.

The 4 steps (RULE) to create a personal/political action agenda:

Remember your dreams

Understand your dreams

Listen to your dreams

Express positive change


Share your story with a community of others committed to truth, justice, and more conscious world.

Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


White with Gradient Round Purple Abstract LogoDreams can guide us toward and on our true path. Their symbols, personal and universal, are jewels bearing precious gifts. Once important in the mystical and traditional aspects of  religion and culture, we can reclaim dreaming as a spiritual practice. SACRED DREAMING expands our spiritual awareness and connects us to a vast storehouse of wisdom.

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Why Plum Dreams?

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

choice, special, preferred, select, favorite; a shade of the color purple, signifying transformation

the language of the soul, the voice of the Divine spirit, speaking in images and symbols, to guide and heal

nightly narratives imparting wisdom and inner strength; enhancing our creativity, talents, and abilities; leading to humanitarian and visionary acts.

Join with journalists, artists, activists, spiritual seekers, and people of good will everywhere, evoking dreams as the trim-tab resource for a healthier, more prosperous, and peaceful world.