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Picture of Empowerment

Friday, September 10th, 2010

(Recently, the “management” style of several leaders, notably women, reminded me of the first dream I ever remembered, its message,  my (intended) ground of being, and a wise mode of being for all healthy, positive relationships.)

My black and white etching of five women

entwined in work and play appears.

The women pulsate with life.

In placid stillness

moving effortlessly

combing hair






Sunbursts, bold stripes, wavy lines

unfold horizontally

Daisies mark the scene.

The women, different nationalities,

yet interrelated,


The women powerful simply because

they do not seek power.

They seek to empower themselves.

They seek to empower each other.

from Plum Dreams Diary by Joyce Lynn

A Public Health Option

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Watching a recent Sunday talk show on health reform legislation, I had a sickening feeling (and intuitive pain in my neck) that once again the people will lose to the corporations. Already reaping financial bonanza, even from Medicare, the health insurance companies, exempt from anti-trust laws, and big Pharma will cement their power, making legislative reform and Medicare/health care for all an even more distant reality. The tide of corporate power rises.

Meaningful health insurance and health care reform slip away as deaths from undiagnosed and untreated illnesses increase and bankruptcies from exorbitant medical bills rise. With more bluster and bravado than belief, I e-mailed a friend, a long-time health care activist, “Distressed, but not discouraged.” As I hit “send, ” what we the people can do to crawl out from our victimized state crystallized.

We can call upon our dreams, our Inner Healer. As PDJ readers know, I’ve experienced this paradigm first-hand.

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Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I hear the word MAXIWELL.

I maximize well-being.


a mantra-in-the-making:

I maximize well-being.

I maximize my well-being.

I maximize well-being.

This sounds like the key to health.

The capacity to heal lies within.

Plum Dreams Diary by Joyce Lynn