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THE POLITICAL DIARY – Based on the truth-telling power of dreams, The Political Diary. edited by Joyce Lynn,  is founded on the premise we each possess an Inside Source, revealing hidden truths, leading to positive choices toward a more just and peaceful world.

Through news reporting, commentary, tips, and other journalistic tools, THE POLITICAL DIARY, founded in the aftermath of the 2000 election, informs about the stories behind the news, so we can make informed choices. THE POLITICAL DIARY is a treasure trove of  information about the 2000 election, 9/11, and other political realities based on an Inside Source. Recent stories are published here at Plum Dreams Journal.

CENTER FOR LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT,  Legit News,  Lori Price, Editor. News summary and succinct analysis. A daily must read delivered to your email box.

PETER B. COLLINS, insightful views and interviews on important national and international politics. Radio show/podcasts produced and hosted by Peter B. Collins

CINDY SHEEHAN’S  SOAPBOX – International peace activist Cindy Sheehan’s newsletter and radio show confront and challenge worldwide military-industrial complex

MIKE MALLOY – Provocative talk show host Mike Malloy understands and dissects political systems and politics

BRADBLOG - Citizen journalist Brad Friedman investigates election fraud and abuse in U.S. democracy, promotes election integrity

RING OF FIRE – Lawyers Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio, and Sam Seder talk real life legal cases and situations to show, not tell, the plagues of  corporatism/fascism sweeping the U.S. and the world today in their weekly radio show and invaluable archives

WEB OF DEBT – Journalist and lawyer Ellen Brown examines and U.S. money system and currency and comes up with practical, doable political solutions to our economic quagmire.