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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

These letters flitted across my dream screen in October, 2001, a month after 9/11, while I was investigating and writing about oil at the heart of 9/11 and the U.S. attack on Afghanistan.

In POLITICAL DIARY, the digital publication I founded in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential elections to wake journalists, politicians, and citizens to the truth-telling power of dreams, I penned (PD #5 — The Complicity Connection/From the Editor) about the dream clue:

“I expected to write a story detailing the role the Central Intelligence Agency played in Afghanistan since 1979: how this shadow government operating at the behest of elected presidents {and their corporate masters} implemented U.S. geopolitical interests—training rebels, nurturing Islamic fundamentalists notably Osama bin Laden, and creating the Taliban to do the bidding for UNOCAL so the U.S. oil company could build a $2-billion dollar pipeline through Afghanistan to the huge markets of Asia.”

Discovering  a covert action arm of the CIA was eye-opening for this reporter, schooled in social welfare reporting. Discovering there was more to CIA operations than intelligence gathering and spying was a big step in my awakening to Deep Politics.

Still, after nearly a decade as a political reporter in Washington, D.C. followed by more than a dozen years calling on dream guidance in all phases of my life, I sidestepped the message of the three letter dream — a certain clue to the Who of the five W’s a journalist seeks to answer in any story.

Denial — or perhaps healthy caution — spread through mind and writing. In PD #5 Editor’s Letter, I made a U-turn, back to the secure, safe perch of a month earlier:

“We (a human rights activist and I) had met at a Media Alliance event about Afghanistan a week after 9/11 and I decided to investigate. However, I admit I thought it preposterous the U.S. — the Bush Administration and/or the CIA — had foreknowledge of or involvement in the events of September 11.

“I would look into the oil connections and Bush family and associates financial dealings. I would, I thought to myself, sidestep the Complicity Connection and let {him) investigate that piece of the pie.”

In PD #5, I wrote 8,000 words debunking the mainstream media mantra about the bumbling intelligence agencies, asking, “What did the CIA know and when did it know it.”

The lengthy exploration did contain a few nuggets:

– A half dozen top CIA operatives from the Reagan-Bush and Bush 1 administrations held key posts for Central Asia in the Bush 2 State Department.

Bush’s team in the State Department are “the very same individuals who indoctrinated Osama bin Laden under the Administration of his father {a one-time CIA director},” wrote Yoichi Clark Shimatsu, former general editor of The Japan Times Weekly in a September 20, 2011 article.

– The importance of the UNOCAL pipeline. (I discovered later its partner was Enron, whose financial fortunes. I would conclude, were linked to the pipeline.)

–The decades-long working triangle of the U.S.-Pakistani-Saudi Arabia intelligence agencies, creators of the “enemy” blamed for 9/11.

– A recitation of U.S. planned or executed false flag operations, including Operation Northwoods, eerily like what occurred on 9/11.

I also urged an independent Citizen’s Commission to investigate 9/11. Yet, the question I proposed for its investigation mirrored the media/congressional line: What did the CIA knew and when.

Perhaps, the U-turn was justified caution rather than real-time fear. After all, as a political reporter in the nation’s capital, I covered domestic matters, not foreign policy. And then, until the 2000 presidential election and illuminating dreams predicting the recount results, I wrote about metaphysical matters.

So, perhaps, hesitancy was smart and professional.

By Spring, 2002 intuitive and investigative ducks lined up.

The post-9/11 dreams about oil and the CIA awakened me and permitted journalistic consideration of an alternative story-line to the government/media mantra 9/11 was a terrorist attack by a previously unnamed group of Islamic fundamentalists called al-Qaeda.

– Joyce Lynn, Editor


Back 2 U

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Enlightening and Uniting
Enlightening and Uniting

New York was burning, smoldering. I remember flying over and circling above the Statue of Liberty, looking down on it. I could read the book in her left hand. Instead of the numerals on the real statue, the word “union” was inscribed on the tablet.

2000/Lynn Pentz/Event Producer/New York City




Joyce Lynn

Editor’s Note: To date, the 9/11 Citizens’ Grand Juries are models. However, communities in the U.S. and in the 82 nations, which lost citizens on 9/11, can establish their own Town Hall meetings and elect their own Citizens’ Grand Juries. PDJ also encourages readers to listen to their dreams and consider the legal remedies they might reveal. PDJ encourages readers to listen to their dreams and consider their guidance about using your special gifts to create a more peaceful world. Let us know; we support viable peace efforts.

When Lynn Pentz dreamt this tableau, she linked it to her “hot and heavy” romantic relationship. The dream, she believed, signaled “it was time for me to move out of New York, out of the relationship.”

Lynn, life change consultant and producer of transformational entertainment events including Live Aid, Hands Across America, and the Bicentennial Celebration of the U.S. Constitution, moved to Los Angeles. There, in the aftermath of 9/11, she co-founded Los Angeles 9/11 Truth and guided it to prominence in the global 9/11 grassroots movement. A cornerstone was Lynn’s resurrecting the constitutionally guaranteed People’s Grand Jury and applying it to redress the U.S. government’s involvement in the crimes of 9/11.

Without realizing the political significance of her dream, Lynn initiated action, this time toward preserving a union, this time, the union of the United States of America.

As evidence mounted of government complicity in 9/11 and a government/media cover up with no justice for the perpetrators, Lynn and, convened a “Citizens’ Grand Jury on the Crimes of 9/11” in 2004 and 2005.

“It is necessary to reestablish the citizens’ grand jury if the great American experiment is to survive,” Lynn believes.

At Town Hall meetings at Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles on October 23, 2004 and on August 27, 2005, experts and elected jurors formally rejected the legitimacy and conclusions of the Kean-Hamilton 9/11 Commission and declared the Official Story “physically impossible, contradictory, implausible and fraudulent.” In both cases, the jurors found “probable cause to indict” at least 20 individuals “at the highest level of the US government, military, and private enterprise.”

In June 2008, after learning how dreams fueled the activism of 9/11 family member Ellen Mariani and peace activist Cindy Sheehan, Lynn considered the smoldering New York union dream in another way.

“I’ve always been steeped in U.S. history and spiritual, but never thought of my role as political,” said Lynn, a descendent of the legislator who cast the deciding vote for Virginia’s adoption of the Bill of Rights,

The Statue of Liberty is a gift from France to the U.S., commemorating the centennial anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Modeled after Libertatus, the Roman goddess of freedom, the classically robed woman holds a lit flame in her right hand and a tablet, symbolizing knowledge, engraved with the Roman numerals for July 4, 1776, in her left hand,

One of the most famous icons in the world, the statue rising from the New York Harbor testifies to freedom from tyrannical governments.

Lynn wrote of the Citizen’s Grand Jury: it was “the Framers’ intention that We the People are the Fourth Branch of Government assured in our First Amendment right to Petition our government for Grievances and our Fifth Amendment assurance of independent Grand Jury Presentments - designed for investigations of governmental wrong doing separate from interference from federal prosecutors. ”

Supreme Court Justice Powell stated in 1974, “The institution of the grand jury is deeply rooted in Anglo-American history. In England, the grand jury served for centuries both as a body of accusers sworn to discover and present, for trial, persons suspected of criminal wrongdoing and as a protector of citizens against arbitrary and oppressive governmental action.”

In theory, the grand jury is a body of independent citizens with the power to investigate any crime or government misdeed brought to its attention. The Grand Jury can make its own presentment — a formal statement of the grand jury’s independent assumptions, fact-findings, and conclusions.

Lynn’s Statue of Liberty dream with the word “union” inscribed on the icon’s tablet embodies not only the historic founding of the Union, but also her spiritual definition of union, her logo — UNIR1 — the unification of consciousness — You and I are One.


For the complete findings of “Citizens’ Grand Jury on the Crimes of 9/11: The Case to Indict”

An Omen
(re: the 9/11 true story)

Friday, September 10th, 2010

A tumbler filled with sludge.

This disturbing dream image woke me with a depressing jolt the morning of September 17 (2001), Rosh Hashanah, the dawn of the Jewish New Year.

The bleakness this image prophesied for the coming year haunted me for days. I had an ominous sense of what awaited the world in the aftermath of the horrendous attack on the United States a week before.

The meaning of the glass for me as a journalist took shape several days later at a Media Alliance event in San Francisco. Farhad Azad, publisher of, spoke about the struggles for his native land–from power hungry czars to the war on terrorism. When he finished, the observer standing next to me whispered, “What about the pipeline?”

“What about what pipeline?” I asked.

“The one going through Afghanistan to the Caspian because going through Iran or Russia is out of the picture,” he explained.

As he spoke, I wrote in my notebook “It’s about oil.” I drew a picture of the tumbler from my dream and put a box around the word “oil.” At that moment, I knew the Bush Administration’s so-called war on terrorism was about oil. That dream held the true story behind the rush to the massive U.S. military response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Joyce Lynn

September 17, 2001

(This dream was first published in the aftermath of 9/11. It is reprinted here on the 9th anniversary to remind us — in the midst of media diversions of mosques and holy books, intended  to ferment hate but also to augment the Official Story –about the who and why of 9/11, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing occupations. For more on following the oil (pipelines), see Plum Dreams Media’s Political Diary.)