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A Democratic Presidential Challenger
Who Can Win in 2012

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

A picture of an angel with blond hair clad in red and green, facing left.

This image appeared on my dream screen early on Monday, December 20 (2010). I had fallen asleep listening to a replay of Ring of Fire on Green960, San Francisco’s progressive radio station.

The then co-host David Bender was interviewing Alan Grayson, voted Progressive of the Year. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Papantonio are the original and ongoing hosts.

The program reminded me of the reoccurring conversation with friends, the most recent that evening, about “primarying” Barack Obama. The depth of the crisis confronting our country as President Obama aidedand abetted a Republican/corporate agenda darkened the cloud hovering over the season of light.

Obama, expanding the blood bath in the Middle East, entrenching insurance, financial, military, and other transnational business interests at the expense of our country and our humanity, depressed the joy of celebrating with family and friends.

To stop the political ruminations, I asked my dreams for guidance. Since dreams — mine and others– had accurately predicted the 2000 Presidential election and recount, explained 9/11, and graphically described the rising tide of fascism in the U.S., I turn to this Source of knowledge to substantiate political reporting and commentary.


I asked:

Should there be a 2012 primary challenge to Barack Obama and, if so, who?

That’s when the dream messenger aka angel appeared, answering both queries
with a single image.


A Christmas ornament with blond hair eliminates the Jewish stars most often discussed — Grayson, Sanders, Feingold, Schakowsky.

Blond hair with a wave over one eye: I think Marilyn Monroe, Madonna/a young Bette Miller. Yes, a young Marilyn Monroe.

Now the mysterious is obvious.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!!!

Once the brilliance of the dream guidance registered, I realized I was breathing again, perhaps, for the first time in a decade! Notice how the possibility changes your entire being.

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