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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

art of the deal (monotype by Nicole Frazer)


Joyce Lynn

Sick and dying children; a 23-month-old child, her arms wrapped around her Salvadorian father, drowned crossing the Rio Grande; thousands of children ripped from the arms of their parents; children warehoused in cages; young boys and girls in the care of predatory guards.

Internal government documents, media investigations, congressional delegations, even video of a vice presidential visit–all tell the same horrific story of the United States government abusing  children and others fleeing danger in their home countries and seeking safety and asylum at the southern border of the US. As new stories of malfeasance are revealed daily, it is easy to forget reports of squalor and chaos even torture by the US have been in the news for nearly a year.

Around that time, Ann R. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dreamt a dramatic scene (more like a nightmare) revealing the pathological personality of the man inflicting pain on thousands of immigrant children. Ann’s dream, April 3, 2018, occurred the night after she watched footage of the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Donald Trump, wife Melania, and someone dressed as a bunny Trump called “Gary” or “Barry” appeared on the White House balcony. Ann recalls Trump bragged about US military prowess  and the booming economy to the throng of children and parents and reporters gathered on the lawn. Then, he continued his inappropriate ramblings, this time about undocumented children and young adults, who came to the United States before the age of 16. At the time, Trump had rescinded expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and was bargaining with Democrats to restore or modify the program.


“My husband and I were invited to an event to honor a young child–a christening or special birthday. It was a seated dinner. As we approached the room, we realized Trump was at the head table. It was elevated above the only other table in a t-arrangement.  Both tables were covered in plain white cloths. There was nothing on either tableno dinnerware, flowers, food, or drink–nothing festive.

“The only people in the room were Donald Trump and the parents of the child. They were seated at the lower table.  When we saw Trump was speaking–in fact, about to offer a prayer–we turned to leave not wanting to be part of this. Trump called to us to come back because he was about to pray for the child. He said if we didn’t stay, he wouldn’t pray, and we would be responsible for all the bad things that would happen to the child.

So we went back and sat down opposite the parents. I did not know them, but they looked confused. Then Trump started to pray. I don’t remember what he said, but it was rambling and I remember thinking it was inappropriate.

Then he stood behind the parents, looming over them and reaching over the mother’s shoulder to place two gold coins on the table. Then, the prayer became an attempt to make a deal with God. The deal was not on behalf of the child; rather Trump was telling God that if (God) didn’t do what Trump wanted, (Trump) would see that the parents and their child would pay for it.

“Then I woke up. Thank goodness!”


The chilling dream reveals the dark side of Trump’s psyche. He bargains with God in the sacred space of a house of worship. The dream dramatizes Trump’s “negotiating” tactic–blaming others for his toxic actions and inflicting pain on the vulnerable if he is denied his way.

The dream of Trump’s dealing with God reveals the hubris of the man. It was hubris that ended the rich reign of the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar. He descended into madness and became a grass-eating beast.

The t-shaped table in Ann’s dream is reminiscent of a cross; however, the head table is raised higher than the table where the family is celebrating the birth of a baby. In the musical “The King and I,” the monarch sings “No one’s head should be higher than mine.” The medieval divine right of kings is a political and religious doctrine, conferring the ruling royal with legitimacy and authority derived from God. But in America, the authority of a president flows from the Constitution and from the people.

Ann’s dream graphically conveys the narcissism propelling Trump to order inhumane policies. Narcissism is a characteristic of sociopaths. The effects of the psychopathology of Trump’s anti-social personality disorder are the physical and emotional pain he inflicts on thousands of children, parents, and citizens.

Trump’s “my way or the highway” bargaining modus operandi infects his job as chief executive — regardless of the issue. “If we don’t get what we want, I will shut down the government,” Trump declared when Congress refused to include $5.7 billion for the border wall in the December 2018 government funding bill. Trump refused to compromise, and he shut down the federal government for 35 days. More than 800,000 government employees as well as contractors and businesses suffered the financial consequences of the longest shutdown in history.

The cruelty Trump inflicts on children and families seeking asylum from violence in their Central American countries at the US-Mexican border riddles our consciousness. Ann’s dream warns us nothing and no one is sacred to Trump or immune from his malfeasance and vengeance — not even God.

The dream illumines the vulnerability of a solitary family enmeshed with a malignant force, but  by sharing her dream, Ann bears witness to the faux religiosity of Trump and his followers. Her dream lifts the veil of residual doubt about the man and reveals the truth of Trump’s cruel psyche. It remains for the populace and the politicians–citizens and legislators–fueled by the truthfulness of Ann’s dream and fact-based evidence to deter the man who wreaks havoc on newborns, the citizenry of his country, and the soul of a nation.


Joyce Lynn is a journalist, writing about the power of dreams to guide our daily lives. She is the author of Dreams and the Wisdom Within available at and She curated the 2018 exhibition “The Political Power of Art and Dreams.” She looks to dreams, a journalist’s Inside Source, to report the news (,


Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Safe Haven, Sandra Taylor, The Graphic Page -- Etching of me overcoming my cognitive dissonance about  Bush regime and false flag terrorism and 9/11


Sandra Taylor, The Graphic Page

“Etching of me overcoming my cognitive dissonance with regard to Bush regime and false flag terrorism and 9/11″


Dreams of 9/11 and other political events wake us to reality and response.

DREAM VERITAS! From Tragedy to Transformation, a multimedia presentation, profiles powerful women activists and artists with little known stories of evoking dreams to guide, reveal, and heal personal trauma and create social change:

This army of women dreamers shows us the profound power of remembering, understanding, and listening to our dreams. They include abolitionist Harriet Tubman, German student resistance fighter Sophie Scholl, 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, graphic designer Sandra Taylor, 9/11 justice advocate Lynn Pentz, anti-war painter and poet Claudia Chapline, peace activist Cindy Sheehan, Iraqi American artist Vian Sora, and landscape and collage artist Marsha Connell. Other dreamers reveal political truths, upending government and corporate controlled media propaganda.

The stories show once inner wisdom is tapped denial is impossible and directed action manifests.


Like surrealism, the political-art movement spawned to oppose totalitarianism in the aftermath of the horrors of World War 1, DREAM VERITAS! relies on the power of dreaming. Moving beyond the confines of dreams in religious doctrines, psychotherapy, or New Age paradigms, DREAM VERITAS revives sacred dreaming, the studded amulet of ancient cultures, making it fashionable once again. Dreams, the voice of the Inner Self, are natural and necessary instruments on our healing journey. Dreaming holds the possibility of world-wide transformation.

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Taming the NSA*

Monday, January 20th, 2014

* National Security {Spy} Agency

The U.S. has used 9/11 as the raison d’être to instigate endless war and sweeping police powers. Twelve years after the pivotal event, the death toll from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and military actions in dozens of other countries is in the hundreds of thousands, the financial cost in the trillions of dollars.

Because of the revelations of Edward Snowden, Mark Klein, and other whistleblowers, we know the pervasive depth and breadth of the U.S. government’s surveillance of its citizens and elected officials and the citizens and officials of other countries.

The U.S. government has vacuumed up phone calls, emails, snail mail, internet searches– all forms of communication, often in collaboration with U.S. corporations. Now we learn this potentially lethal force is literally invading our homes, attaching spyware to our personal computers.

Remember, the firebombing of the Reichstag, the German parlaiment, on February 27, 1933, blamed on a communist, led to totalitarianism in Germany. It is time to confront the questions we ask about the German people during the Third Reich: How did the citizenry let this happen? What can we do to deter it? What will we do to stop it?

This Action Agenda on surveillance (and its ugly twin, wars of aggression) is intended to jumpstart your ideas and activism toward stemming the rising tide of fascism in the U.S.

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