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Dreams Compel Election Run against Pelosi

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

by Joyce Lynn

Before September 11, Cindy Sheehan worried a “serious disturbance of the energy of the universe” was about to occur. Surges in domestic violence murders in the U.S. and shark attacks in the Gulf of Mexico signaled a catastrophe ahead. Then, premonition of an event, possibly a natural disaster in New York City, beset Cindy.

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Dream Predicted 2000 Election Theft, Police State Powers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008



collage art by Adam Harms/ copyright Plum Dreams Media

Darkness fills the house where I grew up. Something hovers outside the dining room window. It’s scratching like a dog to come inside.

I move closer and realize it is George W. Bush. He is greenish with demonic eyes and a pale face. I am terrified and try to escape, but I feel I am trapped.

He is finding a way to break in through the window.

I wake up.

Amy S., Sausalito
October, 2000
Before the Presidential Debates

Editor’s Note: Amy not only preempted the stolen 2000 presidential election result in her dream, but her nocturnal message also tells of a presidential candidate, who would do (and did) anything to win and then during his eight years as president, metaphorically and literally, broke into our homes.

Consider your dreams during the past few months, and post your election dream/s here. If they give you a clue for positive action, what is it? Can you implement it now? How?