The information on this site and presented by Joyce Lynn in her classes, publications, and public speaking is offered to guide your exploration with dreams and is provided for educational purposes.

To be clear, Joyce Lynn is a journalist and dream guidance teacher. The information presented here is based on her research including reports from individuals using dreams, her experience, and that psychically received.

The material and information Joyce Lynn presents is not a substitute for, nor does it constitute, therapeutic or medical advice for which you should consult your professional health care provider or physician.

Remember, each person is unique and his/her healing path specific to that person.

Therefore, Joyce Lynn assumes no liability nor makes any warranties for your use of this information.

Her goal is to provide you with a general road map for using dreams and to encourage you to dream freely and remember your dreams with the knowledge that dreams are a valuable natural resource.

Joyce Lynn also requests feedback on your experiences with dreams to assist evolving understanding of their uses and effects.