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Friday, January 17th, 2014

Eyes were everywhere.

A German awoke trembling from this frightening dream during the 12-year reign of Adolph Hitler and rule of the Third Reich in Nazi Europe. Journalist Charlotte Beradt in her book The Third Reich of Dreams recounts the nightmares plaguing Germans, whether in denial or defiance of the pervasiveness of totalitarianism.

One reviewer wrote: “The book traces the ways in which the rising tide of Fascism infected the unconscious lives of ordinary Germans,skewing their dreams towards increasingly brutal and nightmarish reflections of the pathology of Nazism.”

Some of the 300 dreams Beradt collected discerned the terrible path the nation was taking but the dreamer felt helpless to change events. One housewife dreamt she ripped a swastika off a flag each night, but the swastika appeared on the flag again in the morning. Another German realized he was “inch by inch” raising his arm in the Nazi salute.

The Eyes collage is PDJ’s rendition of an imagined contemporary American’s dream as the U.S. government and U.S. corporations –- independently and together – spy on citizens under the auspices of national security and commerce. Concurrently, tactics copied from Hitler’s Fascist Germany –- fear, omnipresent surveillance, aggression against sovereign nations – and the parlance of fascism – homeland, patriot –- consume U.S. politics, policies, and culture.

(See more coverage of the rising tide of fascism under Political Diary on this website.)

9/11 and the CIA

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


EDITOR’S NOTE: On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, PDJ is republishing several of our previously posted articles on the CIA and 9/11 to re/focus attention on the Who,  the  element of the story often lost in efforts to “prove” the “facts” of 9/11.  The CIA’s role in  Syria, yet another Middle East country U.S and Western powers have destabilized since 9/11 and the recently revealed extent of the U.S. National Security police state underscore the imperative to continue revealing the “connection” between al Qaeda and the CIA


(Originally posted on PDJ September 8, 2011

These letters flitted across my dream screen in October, 2001, a month after 9/11, while I was investigating and writing about oil at the heart of 9/11 and the U.S. attack on Afghanistan.

In POLITICAL DIARY, the digital publication I founded in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential elections to wake journalists, politicians, and citizens to the truth-telling power of dreams, I penned (PD #5 — The Complicity Connection/From the Editor) about the dream clue:

“I expected to write a story detailing the role the Central Intelligence Agency played in Afghanistan since 1979: how this shadow government operating at the behest of elected presidents {and their corporate masters} implemented U.S. geopolitical interests—training rebels, nurturing Islamic fundamentalists notably Osama bin Laden, and creating the Taliban to do the bidding for UNOCAL so the U.S. oil company could build a $2-billion dollar pipeline through Afghanistan to the huge markets of Asia.”

Discovering  a covert action arm of the CIA was eye-opening for this reporter, schooled in social welfare reporting. Discovering there was more to CIA operations than intelligence gathering and spying was a big step in my awakening to Deep Politics.

Still, after nearly a decade as a political reporter in Washington, D.C. followed by more than a dozen years calling on dream guidance in all phases of my life, I sidestepped the message of the three letter dream — a certain clue to the Who of the five W’s a journalist seeks to answer in any story.

Denial — or perhaps healthy caution — spread through mind and writing. In PD #5 Editor’s Letter, I made a U-turn, back to the secure, safe perch of a month earlier:

“We (a human rights activist and I) had met at a Media Alliance event about Afghanistan a week after 9/11 and I decided to investigate. However, I admit I thought it preposterous the U.S. — the Bush Administration and/or the CIA — had foreknowledge of or involvement in the events of September 11.

“I would look into the oil connections and Bush family and associates financial dealings. I would, I thought to myself, sidestep the Complicity Connection and let {him) investigate that piece of the pie.”

In PD #5, I wrote 8,000 words debunking the mainstream media mantra about the bumbling intelligence agencies, asking, “What did the CIA know and when did it know it.”

The lengthy exploration did contain a few nuggets:

– A half dozen top CIA operatives from the Reagan-Bush and Bush 1 administrations held key posts for Central Asia in the Bush 2 State Department.

Bush’s team in the State Department are “the very same individuals who indoctrinated Osama bin Laden under the Administration of his father {a one-time CIA director},” wrote Yoichi Clark Shimatsu, former general editor of The Japan Times Weekly in a September 20, 2011 article.

– The importance of the UNOCAL pipeline. (I discovered later its partner was Enron, whose financial fortunes. I would conclude, were linked to the pipeline.)

–The decades-long working triangle of the U.S.-Pakistani-Saudi Arabia intelligence agencies, creators of the “enemy” blamed for 9/11.

– A recitation of U.S. planned or executed false flag operations, including Operation Northwoods, eerily like what occurred on 9/11.

I also urged an independent Citizen’s Commission to investigate 9/11. Yet, the question I proposed for its investigation mirrored the media/congressional line: What did the CIA knew and when.

Perhaps, the U-turn was justified caution rather than real-time fear. After all, as a political reporter in the nation’s capital, I covered domestic matters, not foreign policy. And then, until the 2000 presidential election and illuminating dreams predicting the recount results, I wrote about metaphysical matters.

So, perhaps, hesitancy was smart and professional.

By Spring, 2002 intuitive and investigative ducks lined up.

The post-9/11 dreams about oil and the CIA awakened me and permitted journalistic consideration of an alternative story-line to the government/media mantra 9/11 was a terrorist attack by a previously unnamed group of Islamic fundamentalists called al-Qaeda.

– Joyce Lynn, Editor



Originally posted on PDJ September 8, 2011

al-Qaeda = CIA

When you read a story in The New York Times or hear a report on CNN attributing 9/11 to al-Qaeda, instead say/think “CIA.”

Notice how this simple mind game reflects and counters the psychological conditioning of the unwavering government/media narrative foisted on the world within a half hour of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center.

This action is inspired by Lori Price, editor of the Center for Legitimate Government’s news digest CLG News. After the phrase “al Qaeda” in a news story, she writes: {al-CIAduh}.

Try the simple tactic saying/thinking “CIA” whenever you see/hear a news source attributing a terrorist attack to  al-Qaeda. It’s your personal psych-op, opening — rather than closing — the mind to veracity.


Excerpt from POLITICAL DIARY, The Inside Source for News, Joyce Lynn, editor

posted December, 2001

(A newsletter about the truth-telling power of dreams—how dreams can
report the news, help readers make informed choices, and bring healing
and peace.

In a September 20 article ,(Youchi Clark) Shimatsu wrote, “Bush’s current State
Department officials were CIA experts who funded and trained bin Laden
under the Reagan-and Bush Administrations.”

The CIA has determined the power structure in Afghanistan since 1979 by
funding and supporting the chosen regime via the ISI. Saudi Arabia has
been the U.S. companion in this operation. As reported in PD #4, the
Reagan and Bush Administrations funneled more than $3 billion to the
Mujaheddin to fight the Soviets. Bin Laden emerged from these factions
along the mountainous camps in Afghanistan. In 1994, Pakistan and Saudi
Arabia buoyed by the U.S. supported the Taliban because they would
protect the U.S.-led pipeline slated to go through
Afghanistan to Pakistan.


Monday, March 25th, 2013

Support current projects and causes of women profiled in Dream Veritas! and Plum Dreams’ publications:

ELLEN MARIANI – Standing Ovation

Ellen Mariani, whose husband Neil died on United Airlines Flight 175 on 9/11, fil1ed the first 9/11 legal action, a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan in December 2001 against United Airlines, claiming UA’s lax security led to the hijacking of UA 175 and her husband’s death. Less than 100 families waived payments going only to those promising not to sue the airlines or government.

Then on the second anniversary of 9/11 Mariani filed a RICO suit against G.W. Bush, his father, and top Bush 2 administration officials charging the Bush family with decades of manipulation of U.S. policy for their own power and profit.

She took her fight for justice for 9/11 families to the Supreme Court, which denied cert in February. She continues to fight her rights in New Hampshire probate court.

To silence Ellen, political and legal powers connected to the Bush administration, those who perpetuated or covered up 9/11, and those with financial interests in the proceedings  have used intimidation and the law to legally gag her. However, Ellen has bravely told her story in public forums and the courts.

Support Ellen in her personal and legal efforts


CINDY SHEEHAN  Dreams Next Phase of Peace Plan

Soon after returning to her home in Northern California July 3 from Tour de Peace, her three-month cross country bike journey, Cindy Sheehan dreamt  she was leading a group of about 100 on a journey for peace to confront the political establishment. She was unsure where the group was or what they were doing. ‘

“In my dream we were confronted by the police and for some reason, I knew the next day that the “tour”‘would be prevented from continuing, or we would end up in detention, ” the peace activist wrote in her July 7, 2013 newsletter titled ” Respect Existence or Expect  Resistance,”  “As one of the leaders, I knew we needed a plan:” Should we have the confrontation in the morning, or sneak out in the night, she wondered.

A microphone was handed to Cindy to speak to the group, but, she wrote, “I tossed it aside and told my group to gather close to one another and to me because, if we don’t know each other, we can’t help each other.” I said it three times in my dream and I believe it was a prophetic dream.” Cindy’s website is called CindySheehansSoapbox and its logo is a microphone.

She believes she rejected the microphone because “as we all know, the government is listening, reading, and collecting everything we write or say.” A Freedom of Information Act  request revealed  the government was monitoring her events as early as 2007 and and possibly before at Camp Casey, her encampment outside G.W. Bush’s Texas compound which launched an international movement against the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

So how do we “resist” the evil and pervasive entity of the US Empire? Cindy asked in her newsletter. The answer her dream revealed: Community.

“We must really KNOW each other so we can help each other. To survive, we must struggle together in intimate ways that reveal our weaknesses as well as celebrate our strengths. ”

Although  no more than three people joined her bike excursion at one time, Cindy  met with hundreds of people on the cross country trip. Her dream, she said, is telling her “now through continuing actions and networking, it is important to become acquainted with each one — and build community.” She is launching this phrase  of her peace activism with a community conference call July 16 to consider “where do we go from here.”

CINDY SHEEHAN – Peddling for Peace

Cindy Sheehan, who son’s Casey was killed in the slums of Baghdad on April 4, 2004 in the U.S. attack on Iraq, is launching Tour de Peace, a cross-country  bike campaign to end wars. On Mother’s Day following his death, Cindy began dreaming about what happened to Casey and his fellow soldiers — unlike the fabricated story the U.S. Army supplied her. Her peace activism began.

The bike ride will travel from Casey’s grave in Vacaville, California to Arlington Cemetery, and end in Washington DC July 3. Tentatively will travel the Mother Road, Route 66 from California to Chicago; then to Washington, D.C.

Contact Cindy for information on Tour de Peace